Safe Cannabis Banana Punch



Safe Cannabis Banana Punch

Safe Cannabis Banana Punch, The scent of Banana Punch is one you’ll remember. When you open up a container of this hybrid strain, you’re hit with various sweet smells that are not only reminiscent of bananas, but of fruity mentos or smarties candies. It’s sweet and a bit tropical, and while the flavor does copy its scent, it isn’t nearly as pronounced and has a bit of pine in its undertone.

The look of Banana Punch often sells it. A well cultivated and cured batch will have a thick coating of crystal trichomes and the colors beneath can be an array of deep purples and blues alongside dark green.

This hybrid strain is a cross between Purple Punch and Banana Kush and produces effects that lean towards its indica genetics. It’s been described by some as tranquilizing. And many reviewers say they’ve found that Banana Punch has helped them manage chronic pain or clarify their thinking after a stressful day.

Banana Punch is great for relaxing at the end of a long day, but what if you need a bit of help when it comes to medical issues? Many claim that this strain is excellent in therapeutic applications, helping to ease anxiety and depression for hours on end.

Lab Data

Cannabinoid Lab Data
Cannabinoid Amount
THC: 22.160%
CBD: 0.051%


Terpene Lab Data
Terpene Amount
Limonene: 1.045%
Alpha Pinene: 0.222%
Alpha Humulene: 0.174%


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