Buddah Bear Jackal Berry Ripper



Buddah Bear Jackal Berry Ripper

Buddah Bear Jackal Berry Ripper, If you are looking for a killer strain that will keep you stimulated and energized, then the strain dubbed Jackal Berry Ripper or JTR might be a perfect choice! Known for its intense lemon scent and uplifting cerebral high, Jackal Berry Ripper is one of TGA SubCools Seeds’ flagship strains, whose lineage stems from crossing the elusive Jack the Ripper and the famous hybrid Berry white.

Jack the Ripper legendary and diverse genetics makes this a highly sought out Sativa strain for connoisseurs and those looking for an energetic high that can get the mind going according to consumers.

Voted as one of High Times top 10 strains of 2006, Jack the Ripper has been known to offer users an intense euphoric and energizing experience while also easing the body of tension and pain.

When you take a close look at the triangular buds of Jackal Berry Ripper, you’ll immediately see how resinous they are, as they produce a profuse amount of sticky trichomes gathered atop its forest green flowers.

It’s recommended to keep a grinder handy when breaking apart these buds because it can be difficult when trying to do so by hand.

Further More

Jackal Berry Ripper buddah bear cartridges produces a pungent sweet and sour lemon scent that can quickly fill the room. Notes of pine and tropical fruits start to emerge when you break apart these resinous buds. When smoked or vaped, an earthy and pine-like undertone complements its sharp and sweet lemon flavor.

It is recommended that you don’t underestimate the potency of Jackal Berry Ripper.

THC percentage levels can reach into the upper 20’s. Overindulging in this strain could lead to paranoia and rapid heartbeat in novice consumers according to reviewers. Others have also noted that headaches and dry mouth may also occur, so it is important to keep some hydrating drinks nearby.

Lab Data

Cannabinoid Lab Data
Cannabinoid Amount
THC: 1.3%
CBD: <0.1%
CBN: <0.1%
THC-A: 18.7%
THCV: <0.1%
Δ8-THC: <0.1%
CBDV: <0.1%
CBD-A: <0.1%
CBC: 0.1%
CBG-A: 1.6%


Terpene Lab Data
Terpene Amount
Beta Myrcene: 0.52%
Alpha Pinene: 0.42%
Alpha Humulene: 0.08%
Limonene: 0.08%
Linalool: 0.07%
Beta Caryophyllene: 0.05%
Terpinolene: 0.02%


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