Rove Cartridges

Rove Cartridges

Rove Cartridges are obtained from only 100% organic farms in their collections. Where the best flowers are hand picked to experience a clean vapor.

About Rove

By utilizing their combined expertise in cultivation and extraction, Rove has maintained a “do it yourself” mentality. Which allows for their standard of excellence to spill over into the farms they choose to work with. Sourcing from only 100% organic farms within their collective. The team at Rove is able to hand-select the finest flowers for a truly fresh flavor and clean vaping experience.

Rove Flavors

ROVE Skywalker, Rove Tangie, Rove Glue, Rove Waui, Rove Sherbert, Rove Ape, Rove Cookies, Rove Kush, Rove OG, Rove Haze.

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